Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tea for two! Of four as the case may be....

Every year around the holidays my bestie Sarah and I like to celebrate with a trip to our favorite tea spot Lovejoy's Tea Room.  My dear Courtney first introduced this little spot to me and I cannot thank her enough.  I'm sure that Sarah thanks her too :-)  We absolutely love this little gem.  It's very eclectic, with mismatching china and the loveliest atmosphere.  We try to go every Christmas and this year we decided that it might be fun to bring our littles.  I will admit that I was a bit nervous for my little man.  While he does fairly well at restaurants, he usually will not last more than 45 minutes, and tea usually takes about two hours.  I cannot tell you how proud I was of both our little munchkins!  They were absolute dolls and so well behaved!  And so beyond adorable together!

Miss Zoe testing out her pint sized cup.

Hello duder

The waitress brought Zoe an Eeyore cup that she much preferred.

Tastes better out of an Eeyore cup!
Fun with mama!

Gorgeous Christmas tree in the middle of the shop.

Lovely decor
We exchanged gifts and duder loved the red bow.  He kept trying to put it on his head.


Sweetest smile ever.
Darling little petit-four to end the delicious meal!

These two were so cute together!  Zoe kept wanting to make sure that "Baby Lijah" has seen the Santa in the corner.  Followed by a round of hand holding as we were packing up.  Killed me!

After tea we usually head down to Union Street for a little shopping.  Of course we had to follow up our tea with a little sweet treat.  When Stacey was up here in October, she mentioned that she and her mom had seen a shop on Union that served cupcakes and wine.  To which I replied WHAT?  I went on and googled it and found American Cupcake.  Let's just say that Sarah was not opposed to the idea ;-)
Someone was very excited about their vanilla cupcake with pink frosting.

S'mores cupcake ...

with a glass of Cabernet - doesn't get much  better

Yep, I think she liked it.

Someone else enjoyed some bites of cupcake too.

Where'd that cupcake go?
Thanks for sharing buddy!
Thanks Sarah and Zoe for sharing a wonderful day with us!  Can't wait to continue the tradition next year!

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Sulli said...

What a fun day! Those cupcakes looked delicious!

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