Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Eli had his first taste of solid food yesterday. We decided to dive right in with Avocados and he LOVED it! We had some again today and he kept grabbing my hand so I couldn't take the spoon away from him. And I was worried that he wasn't ready!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

New best friend

Oh Lion, I love you so much

Let's snuggle


Easter Egg Hunt

This year, the Mountain House Mother's Club hosted a member's Easter egg hunt on our court. Although it was absolutely freezing out (hello spring??) we had a great time.
Thanks Meme for the awesome Easter basket and Easter outfit!

Thanks Auntie Sarah A. for the super cute and warm hat that kept me all cuddly :-)

The eggs were split into age groups and hidden in the front yards so that all the kids had a chance to grab eggs. The dads grilled up some burgers and each family attending brought a side dish. With about 70 families there, it was quite the spread!

Elijah even picked a couple of eggs!

Where did my egg go?
Maybe down there?

No wait! I think I see it down there!

We had to bundle the Munchkin up in the Bjorn since it was so cold out.

Me, Sarah M. and Elijah
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