Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

Kissing Cousins

 These two kill me.  It's a constant cycle of wrestling, chasing, hugging, fighting, makeing up, etc.  It's too cute.

Whew - what just happened?

Thanks for the head massage Dada - I needed that.
I really need to take a rest in this Bumbo chair.

I'm back baby!

So a combination of Jason wiping my computer (for the billionth time) and now not working means that I can finally, finally, finally start blogging again! I'm a little overwhelmed by all that I've missed in the past few months, so it's taken me awhile to actually sit down and get started. So much has gone on in the past 6 months, but I think I've given enough snippets to get the general picture across :-) So for now, I'm going to try to catch you up in a picture montage...

Elijah's friend Sam's 1st birthday in January.  Sam is the son of our pastor and his wife.  They threw an amazing Cowboy themed birthday party for Sam (don't be surprised if you see E hosting his own cowboy themed birthday party in a few months :-) ).

Ponies for the kids to take home.  So original!

Cowboy Eli!

So exciting!


So funny

Super cool dude

Eli and his girlfriend Alexa

Collecting pinata goodies!

Such a cute pinata

Such a cute cake!

Sam's own little cake

My very own cowboy hat!

They also had the cutest little personalized sheriff badges for all of the kids!

Deputy Eli is on the job!

I die for him

Love you buddy.

Um Dada, can I maybe have another bite of that cake?

Yes!  Got it!

Already quite the ladies man.
 He was literally just running after all the big kids all afternoon.  Totally wants to be one of the gang :-)

What are we looking at guys?

Dad, this is the best party ever.

 More to come soon!

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