Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Party on Dude!

We celebrated the duder's first birthday with family and friends and it was FANTASTIC!  Our original plan had been to have it at a local park, but Mother Nature had other plans.  Although it was beautiful the entire week before the party, we were not so lucky the day of.  Luckily for us, our pastor sent me a text a few days before and asked if we wanted to use the church for our party.  Yes we did!!!

Stacey came up the night before the party and was such a good sport as we headed straight over to the church to decorate. Thank goodness we did because it actually took a few hours and I did not expect that :-)  Stace and J were very good at taking my directions too :-)  And Jason's many years of tp'ing paid off in his streamer decorations!  We have called the duder Jack-Jack from early on, because his hair just naturally goes into a point like that character Baby Jack-Jack from The Incredibles, so we thought it would be cute to have an Incredibles themed party for him.

Already quite the ladies man

Mia and the birthday boy

The duder, Miss Brooke and Giselle

Craft time!

Smiths and Kronicks

Little Miss Zoe doing crafts


Cupcake Bites

Mini Cupcakes

I love seeing all of our friends and family mixing and mingling

Miss Brooke is duder's daycare provider and these are her girls.  They dote on him like crazy!

My husband, the goofball.

Uncle Adam!

Uncle Adam is the most fun!

Who needs a walking toy when I have a metal folding chair?


Duder making an announcement

This one cracks me up


Duder's first birthday cake (this was the second attempt - you do not want to see the first attempt!)

Getting ready for cake!

He was fine until we all started singing Happy Birthday!

So sad!!

I wasn't quite sure what to do!

Thanks for helping Journey!

He had a little taste and calmed down pretty quickly :-)


Ok, maybe I'll give it a try....

Yeah, this stuff is pretty tasty.

No more crying for this one.

I'd say he likes it :-)

Would you like to try it?

Rehydrating after all that cake!

Present time!

Thanks Stace!

All the kids loved helping with the present unwrapping :-)

At one point, mommy got ditched by the duder and had to open presents herself.

He's back!

I got a guitar!  I'm in total shock!

Dinosaur!  (Sorry for the boob shot!)

Ben, please calm down.  You're getting way to excited at this party ;-)

Love all these littles!
We had a cooking decorating station and this one was decorated in honor of the duder.  Gorgeous!

I apologize for these random images, but I realized afterwards that I forgot to take pics of these cookies at the party, so I had to document them at home ;-)

Thank to you all of our friends and family for coming out to celebrate our little man's first year!!  Thank you to Sarah for the cookie tips and thank you to Stacey for decorating and staying up until 2 in the morning to help bake!!  I love you!!

1 comment:

Sarah + Ben said...

omg, ben's face *kills* me :) He really did have fun, promise!

awww, E's little face when everyone started singing was so sad! Of course, that face lasted about 10 seconds until he got that first taste of sugar! haha!!

good job on the party mama!!!

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