Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Big Outing

While daddy was on travel this past week, the little man and I made our first trek into San Francisco. We drove into the city and had lunch with some of my girlfriends that I used to work with at the Academy of Art. They all loved him of course :-) We then made our way over to the Marina district to visit Uncle Adam. It was a beautiful day and so we spent several hours just strolling up and down Union Street checking out the little boutiques and just enjoying our time together. Adam even put himself in charge of the stroller. He has now become an expert on many things baby :-) He is a natural with his little nephew and it's so fun to see them together. Although I will say when it came to poopy baby diapers Adam and his roommate Jesse stayed all the way on the other side of the room. Adam did offer to take it to the trash chute, but he held out a plastic as far from his body as he could :-) We will definitely be making another visit soon!

Hello Sunshine!

The sun has finally decided to make an appearance again! We have been taking advantage and spending Eli's mid morning nap outside walking. He gets bundled up in the bassinet attachment of his stroller and we head out. It's been so nice to be able to get outside and breath the fresh air. I know that we need the rain, but oh how I love the sunshine! :-)

Bumbo Baby

Our big boy in his Bumbo chair

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Family Outings

Have I mentioned that we have the best baby in the world? Well if I haven't...we do :-) Yesterday we took our first all day family outing and he was a dream. We decided to visit the new Coach Factory Store at the Great Mall in Milpitas (and when I say we, I mean I begged and Jason finally said yes :-)) and then met up with our good friends Jason and Kristen for lunch in San Jose. Our little angel made a few fussy sounds when he started to get hungry, but other than that not a negative peep - just lots of smiles! It's so nice to know that we are capable of rejoining the "real world" with an infant! The folks at work got us some gift certificates to restaurants around town, which is so incredibly nice! We used one the other night and it was great to be out and about (and not having to cook!). Once again, he was perfect! He actually slept through the entire meal. He made his first official appearance at church last weekend and got to meet his extended family, which was really great! I think we are slowly starting to get the hang of this parenting thing! And yes, I know I'm testing fate by saying that! haha

Friday, January 22, 2010

Our little singer


Back in December we went with the Mountain House Mothers Club to the Oakland Zoo's Zoolights, where they decorate a good portion of the zoo with all kinds of colored lights.  It was Eli's first real outing and in true baby fashion he slept the entire time.  We still had a great time though!

Our neighbors Cory, Sarah and little Ava

Jason, me, Eli, Sarah and Ava

Enjoying some hot chocolate and snacks at the zoo.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our friend Stephen brought this hat back from South America for Elijah.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Eli's first Christmas

We had a great Christmas this year out in Saddle Creek.  Unfortunately Aunt Missy wasn't able to make it home, but we were able to talk to her throughout the day.  After church on Christmas Eve we headed out to Copperopolis to see my parents and Uncle Adam.  We had a wonderful time hanging out for the next couple of days just hanging out, talking and watching movies.  It was very relaxing and a lot of fun to watch all four dogs together too!  They always have a good time together and thankfully wear each other out!  Little Elijah got a visit from Santa, even though he was completely oblivious!  He got some onesies, a stuffed elephant, a personalized paci, a Wee Block (which was actually more for mom and dad!) and several books.  We can't wait for next year when he is more aware of what's going on!  Even so, it was a lot of fun just to watch him.

The Smith Boys

Walking up for communion at Christmas Eve Service

Eli and Uncle Adam

Chillin' in the Christmas jammies

Just hanging out

Growing so fast

It's amazing how quickly babies grow and change.  At 6 weeks Elijah is definitely more aware of his surroundings.  He tracks Jason and I if we are moving around him.  He loves his Whoozit toy that is black and white on one side.  He will watch it go back and forth as I move it around his head.  He is definitely getting stronger and is now aware that he has hands and they can grasp things - especially fun when it's a fistful of mommy's hair :-)  Eli is sporting a very interesting hairdo right now.  He had lost all the hair on the very top of his head (peach fuzz is starting to come back) but the hair around the crown and back of his head and a thin line around his forehead is growing in long.  He looks a little like a monk :-)  We've been able to get a few rare smiles out of him, but they make all the lack of sleep and stress completely worth it.  He's recently starting making those delicious little baby cooing sounds too.  He really is a miracle and we couldn't be happier!
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