Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm not spoiled, just well taken care of :-)

On Sunday I got a wonderful surprise when I found out that a BBQ we were planning to attend for new members at church was actually a surprise shower!  Our pastor's wife is due about 5 weeks after us, so our wonderful husbands cooked up the idea a shower for us.  Pastor John apparently can't keep a secret, because Shawnda knew about it the whole time, but I was thoroughly surprised.  I will admit that Jason told me the night before, but only because I wasn't feeling well and he was afraid I would try to bail on the "bbq".  :-)  It was absolutely beautiful!  Some new members at our church actually did host the shower at their beautiful house in Livermore.  There were lots of people from church there and it was so fun to share the shower with another mommy-to-be.  We had two adorable little cakes and cupcakes and with baby footprints on them.  We definitely got spoiled with gifts.  Jason and I received a very special gift from one church member.  It's a gorgeous quilt that she started working on the second we announced we were expecting!  She said she's been waiting for it!  It was a beautiful day with our second family and we couldn't feel more blessed with the lives that we have.  We are so excited for our little one to join us and make use of all the goodies we have waiting for him!

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