Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm still alive

Yes, I know it's been about 10 years since my last blog post.  Life has been crazy, crazy lately.  I will write a longer post about that soon, but for now, just a quick update on the toddler who is now living in my house.  Pretty much since the beginning I have talked to E like he is a big boy - having conversation with him like he actually understands what the he** I'm talking about.  Obviously I rationally know that he doesn't understand, but with Jason on travel so much I have to talk to someone or else I start talking to myself and that just doesn't lead to good places ;).  So the other day we are getting ready to go out and I say "Bubba, can you get your shoes for mama so she can put them on you?"  He proceeds to stand up from where were seated on the ground, walk over to his shoe, bring it back, hand it to me and then turn around and sit in my lap so I can put it on him.  What???  You're a baby Dude.  Baby genius!  It's just crazy how suddenly my little man is really becoming a little man.  He is such a miracle and amazes us every single day.
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