Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First Haircut

So I finally caved and made an appointment to have the Duder's hair cut.  To be honest, I was pretty nervous.  He's not the type of kid to sit still for more than 5 seconds and is pretty vocal when he doesn't want something, so I was picturing having to sit on him or bear hug him while the stylist cut his hair.  I couldn't have been more wrong!  He did AMAZING!  I swear it was more traumatic for me than for him!

We took him to a kid-only salon here in Reno called Snipits.  I am so glad that we did, because the whole experience was amazing.  They really are kid focused.  When we checked in with the receptionist she handed him a card that he could use for a prize after he got his haircut.  The had little statues with spinning wheels and a video playing in the waiting area, all of which were great to keep him occupied.  He even kept giving one of the statues a high-five.

When the stylist came over to get us, she immediately started to talking to Elijah and asked him what he liked.  She brought out two toy dinosaurs that not only kept his hands busy, but kept his mind off of what she was doing.  They also had a little cartoon on about getting your haircut.

First snip

Even bending his head forward like a pro.

Starting to realize that something else is going on....

He started to realize that she was doing something to his head and would try and turn his head to look at her.  The he started to hold his hand up and tell her "Dahp.  Dahp" (Stop.  Stop) :-)  That's when the lollipops came out.  She literally had a bowl of them at her station.

Got his lolli, and his paci on standby.

Not so sure about this, but I'll tolerate it for now.


Thank goodness for lollis.

Starting to take shape.  Who's that big boy?

 The only time that he really started to freak out, was when she tried to use the trimmer on him.  It's actually a trimmer designed specifically for kids - it's quieter and smaller. She was really gentle and even tried to show it to him and have him feel it before she used it, but I think it was just too new an experience.

Showing him the trimmers

Not having it.
Finished product!  Such a handsome little man!

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