Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to You!

Well, on November 17th, 2010, by baby turned 1.  It was a very happy and very sad day at the same time!  I was so excited for his first birthday, but it really makes me sad to see my baby grow up so fast.  Unfortunately for the little munchkin he had to get tubes in his ears that day.  We got up very early and headed over the surgery center - so early that none of the doors were open!  Luckily we ran into a nurse that was heading into the building and he let us in the side door.  After about an hour of paperwork and pre-op the anesthesiologist took the duder back to the operating room.  I must tell you, that that moment was one of the most difficult of my life.  Even though I knew that the procedure was very quick and very common and I had 100% confidence in the pediatric ENT, it is completely unnerving to watch someone else walk away with you child.  Luckily, the procedure really is quick.  We barely had to time to go back to the waiting room and grab a magazine before the doctor came in to tell us that everything went really well.  The saddest thing though, was recovery.  They had warned us that he would be inconsolable after surgery.  He was.  When we walked into post-op the nurse was holding him and he was screaming and writhing.  When the nurse handed him over to me, he immediately calmed down.  As a mama, that was definitely a special moment.  He was completely out of it and half asleep, but he still knew when his mama.  We sat down in a big cozy recliner as he came out of the anesthesia.  It took about 20 minutes for the medication to wear off and for him to calm down enough for us to go home.  We took it easy the rest of day.  The duder took several naps as you can imagine.  That evening we pulled out some presents for our little birthday man.  He obviously doesn't understand the whole gift giving thing, but he definitely liked ripping the paper.  In fact, I think he liked that more than the actual presents....

Ripping paper is fun!
Oh, look, a card!

Opening his present from the Cruz's

Curious George!  Thanks Cruz Family!

Mama, did you see what I got!

My Granbeth, aka Great-Granbeth, aka "GG", sent the duder a giant kangaroo for his birthday.  I have to admit that at first I wasn't sure about it.  I figured it might just look cute in his room, because up to this point, he has not had a huge interest in stuffed animals, or blankies or any of those comfort items.  Oh how the tides have turned!  He is literally OBSESSED with this kangaroo.  It is about as tall as he is and actually came with a baby kangaroo in it pocket.  He rolled on the floor with it, snuggled with it, spooned it, it was the cutest thing I have ever seen.  He absolutely loves this kangaroo and now the little one has become his bff.  As soon as you hold it out to him, he smiles and holds his arms out and then pulls it into his chest and lays his head on on it.  To. Die. For.

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Sarah + Ben said...

omg he is SOOOO cute with that kangaroo!! I am beyond excited to get to spend time with him (and you!!) on Friday!

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