Friday, December 3, 2010

Shutterfly Cards - Coming Soon to a Mailbox Near You!

As many of you know, we use Shutterfly all the time for our photo books and Christmas Cards.  Their photo books make fantastic gifts and they are so easy and fun to make and depending on which shipping option you choose, you can get it in a matter of days!  I even made one for the baby's birthday party to celebrate his first year of life :-)  They have an entire online store of photo gifts that are great for the holidays!  I think these mugs are so adorable and a great gift for Grandma and Grandpa to drink their morning coffee or tea out of.  Let’s be honest, all the grandparents want for Christmas is pictures of the baby and Shutterfly makes it easy to get creative!

So I am finally starting to look at putting our Christmas cards together.  I know it's only December 3, but I feel like I'm behind!  We always do photo cards since most of our family is on the east coast and our friends are spread out all over the country.  It's a great way (besides our little bloggie) to give them a snapshot of our year.  I really prefer to have multiple photos on ours, because I feel like we are so busy during the year, it's hard to sum it up in one photo.  Normally I do the flat stationary cards, but this year, I'm also looking at some of the folded greeting card styles.  These are a few of my favorites.  Look for one of them soon in a mailbox near you!

This one is "Seasonal Chic" has a nice collage layout on the front with space for a larger family portrait on the inside

I love the large photo on the front and inside there is space for 6 smaller photos on this "Joy Sage Story".

I love the simplicity of this one and the poignant message - "Rejoice Lord King"
Again, simple, simple, but I love the layout of the "Simply Memories".
I also love the full picture spread of this "Starlight Joy" one (plus these littles laughing is too cute!)
Happy Holidays to all!

 *** Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own. Yes, I absolutely do love Shutterfly this much! For writing this post, I'll be receiving a promo code for 50 free holiday cards. I am not being compensated in any other way and this did not alter my personal opinion of the company. If you're interested in receiving 50 free holiday cards, click  here to enter! ***

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Sulli said...

I LOVE the first one! It's very classy. Can u tell me which one of mine you like the best? I'm leaning towards the Peppermint Bliss : )

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