Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Season

Here are a few flashes from our Christmas season

We went to meet Santa for the first time.  Elijah was not a fan, but we had a great night with our friends, Sarah and Cory and Miss Ava.

Creepy Santa giving me instructions on how to hand him the baby.
Duder was not happy.
Ava and Cory waiting in line for Santa
Giant fish tank!

Setting up the tree!


Meeting the dancing snowman.

Not so sure about him.

Ugly Sweater Party at the Gillans'!

Of course, the only pic where we'll all facing front and normal, is completely blurry ;-)

Now those are some ugly sweaters!

Loved Duder's hair in this pic :-)

He's so excited, he's a blur!

Ella's toys are way fun!

Someone was hungry!

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