Sunday, February 27, 2011

On my own

I'm sitting on a plane headed to Denver right myself.  I've got a meeting for work there tomorrow and I'm caught between missing my guys like crazy and reveling in the fact that I have no one to take care of tonight but myself.  It's ben so long since I traveled by myself, I find myself feeling almost like a teenager - excited to be on my own, but not quite feeling capable of doing this by myself.  Should be an interesting 36 hours...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snow Day

Elijah had his first snow day today! The weather is absolutely beautiful. Sunny but snowing. It totally brings back memories of my childhood - dressing up in a million layers and wadding out to see the new snow. I could definitely get used to this ;)

I would also like to note that yes- I know his outfit is completely mismatched, but apparently we are in spring (doesn't it look like it) and his outfit is made up of whatever we could find :). We also couldn't find any waterproof mittens, thus the plastic sandwich bags ;)

Friday, February 18, 2011


We made it safely up the mountain last night in the snow and got to wake up to this!  Love it up here :)  i'll update with more pics as the weekend goes on.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blogger Mobile

So I just downloaded the Blogger app.  Let's give it a try.....

I've gone over to the dark side :)

Update - I just checked this on my computer and apparently the pictures didn't upload, so we may need to work on this Blogger Mobile thing ;-)

Friday, February 11, 2011


I was talking to Courtney the other day about how much fun it is to watch the kids at this age and how much it changes you. Jason and I have become such dorks. And I have never in my life heard a grown man say cute so many times. I love it. I absolutely positively love it and just seeing a smile on his chubby little face (the baby, not Jason) makes everything else disappear. All the stresses and heartaches and disappointments of life are completely unknown to him and all I can think is that I want to keep it that way for as long as I can. Whatever sacrifices I have to make to do that are completely and utterly worth it. He is my purpose in life. Everything else is just background noise.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears, (but no elephants)

A few weeks ago we decided to take advantage of the amazingly beautiful, unseasonably warm January weather and head out to the SF Zoo.  Neither Jason or I had ever been there, even though we've lived in NorCal for 20 years.  Uncle Adam and his friend Kyle decided to meet us there too.

We wanted to make sure that we made it for the bear feeding, so after buying our tickets, we headed straight over to their enclosure. 

Mama, I can't look at the camera.  I might miss the bears.


The feeding was scheduled for 11, and they were only about 5 minutes late, but when you have an area filled with kids 5 and under, that feels like an hour!

Where are the bears Dada??

I can't wait anymore!!

Here they come!

Hello Miss Bear

Searching for fish

I think this Miss was a little afraid of the water, either that or lazy because she never got in.  Maybe she's watching her figure?

Got one!

Polar bear!  Duder wanted to climb in the cage with this pretty guy.  We had to explain that he was not a big dog.

We then headed into the South America area

Anaconda.  It gives me the creeps just looking at the picture.

Adam named him Kevin after the bird from "Up"


Lunch break!

I love giraffes!  I think they are just beautiful.

I have to say that this was the worst part of the day for me.  Not because I don't like the gorillas, but this mama had the saddest most soulful look in her eyes.  It absolutely broker my heart.  Especially since there was some idiot standing next to me who kept shouting "Hey! Hey, look up here!"  I seriously wanted to punch him in the face.  It's just a reminder that these are wild free creatures, who no matter how well they're being taken care of, are still in captivity.

Little giraffe

Rhino!  I got tricked for a second as we walked up and thought it was a baby elephant, but the alas...the SF zoo doesn't have any elephants.



Capybara!  Super cute, but every time I remember is a giant rodent, I get a little creeped out.

Black Swan

He looks like he has a giant banana on his head.

Prairie dogs!!

Prairie dogs!

Duder loved the children's zoo


After we finished at the zoo, we headed over to Golden Gate parks disc golf course so the boys could play.  This is is one of our favorite sunny day activities.  I absolutely love Golden Gate park. 

Good day!!
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