Saturday, December 4, 2010


Before the duder was even born his Auntie Stacey gave him (ok, actually his daddy) a Yoda Halloween costume.  We've been so excited to have him wear it!  He looked sooo adorable!

Our friends and neighbors Cory and Sarah usually host a Halloween party so we headed over there before going out to Trick-or-Treat.

I made some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip bread.  Yum :-)

Sarah pulled out the rocking horse for duder, but he was not too sure about it at first.

 Hey, this is kind of cool!

 Hydrating before the big Trick-or-Treat trek.

 Getting dressed up!

Not quite sure about this Halloween thing yet...

 Love these two.


 Whoa, scary ghost!  (AKA Miss Ava)


 Look at all that candy!


 Holidays are so much fun in Mountain House.  It is such a small, tight community and people really go all out.

After a nice round of Trick-or-Treating we headed back to Sarah and Cory so Yoda could explore Ava's little kitchen.

 Soup is delicious.

 Yoda is walking!
 Scary ghost got lots of candy!

And a lollipop!

 Very excited about the candy necklace!

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