Tuesday, August 31, 2010

State Fair

Early in August we took our first trip to the California State Fair. The real drive for this visit was actually to see Weird Al Yankovic in concert and we figured it gave us an excuse to check out the fair as well. It was of course a sweltering day in Sacramento, but there was lots of shade and lots of misters around so it wasn't too bad.

Monster Truck - very State Fair ;)

We went into the petting zoo section of the fair and saw these darling little piglets that had been born just days before!

I love that this little one fell asleep while feeding. Not to compare my child to a piglet, but it definitely did bring back memories of his early days :-)

In the farming exhibition, they were handing out big slices of fresh watermelon. It was so delicious on that hot day! Even the duder couldn't get enough of that juicy melon.

More, mama?

Sorry dude, it's all gone.


I'm so excited to be at the fair!

We had to stay hydrated in all that heat.

Although some of us enjoyed playing with the water bottle as much as we did drinking from it.

I also got to see my first Derby Car exhibition. They literally just ram into each other until there's only one car left running...more of a guy thing I would say. :-)

The driving force behind this trip, as I said earlier, was seeing Weird Al Yankovic in concert. We got to sit really close to the stage which was so much fun! He is absolutely hilarious and so clever. It was a great way to end a wonderful family day at the fair!

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Sarah + Ben said...

I'm dying over those piglets. Cutest things I've ever seen. Love that one fell asleep while nursing. Isn't that always the case with newborns?

Oh Eli, you just get cuter by the minute. Love him eating that watermelon! Such a sweetie pie.

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