Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Newest Member of the Dirty Thirty Club

I'm no longer married to a man in his twenties :-( My wonderful, amazing husband had his thirtieth birthday a few weeks ago. To celebrate, we spent a weekend in Carson City with family, which is always wonderful!
It's so fun to watch the two munchkins together.
I think Savannah just got a kiss from Elle :-)

Ellie hates being left out of the mix.

Hey Savannah, I wanna give you a little kiss.

No, don't go..

Elle Woods, can you believe him? :-)

Bath time!

Oh look, a box!

Boxes are the most fun!

Nanner, you are fascinating.

These two are too cute together.

Handsome Uncle B.J. He was in a wedding that weekend so had to head off shortly after dinner on Saturday.


Hey Mama!

Eli, I love you.

Whenever Elijah is on the ground, Savannah wants to be as close to him as possible. She's perfected this by what we now call the "steamroll". She just keeps rolling until she's next to him and sometimes she just keeps going :-)

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Where'd she go?

You did not, just say bedtime. Tell me I heard you wrong.

Just a few more minutes Mama!
How can I resist these faces?

There was much more fun to be had during the birthday celebration, but we've had very little sleep in this household the last few days (more on that tomorrow) so I am off to rest my head. Good night bloggers. Sweet dreams....

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Judi said...

The two are the cutest grandchildren in the WORLD!!
Love you all,

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