Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ear Infections - boo!

My poor baby boy is in the middle of his third ear infection in a row, or possibly his third recurrence of the same infection. Each time we've finished the antibiotic he's fine for a few days and then we get hit by a horrible fever and it's back to the doctor. Now, we absolutely adore Elijah's pediatrician, but I would rather not see her every two weeks. This past weekend we got hit by the worst of all. He was a little fussy in the evening, but he hadn't slept well at daycare (which is his usual m.o.) so we thought he was just overly tired. We put him to bed and when I checked on him an hour or so later he was burning up. The fever registered at 102.6. We gave him some acetaminophen and placed cool cloths on his hot little body. Fevers are so, so scary when your baby is so tiny and even though 102.6 is very high in my opinion, it's not until 103 that we are supposed to take him in. So once his fever started to come down I put him back to bed, and continued to check on him throughout the night, alternating between acetaminophen and ibuprofen. His fever never got below 101. In the morning when I went in to get him, his fever came up as 104. I almost dropped on the spot. I immediately gave him some more medicine and covered him in cool cloths while Jason called the doctor. Luckily his fever started to come down fairly quickly and we were able to get him in to see the pediatrician right away. It is the most helpless feeling when your child is sick. All you want to do is take away there pain and discomfort and you can't.

Playing with the "baby in the mirror" in the doctor's office. His favorite is the paper that covers the exam table though!

After examining him, the doctor confirmed that he had a double ear infection. She then brought up the subject that I had been fearing - tubes. She said that they are now keeping count of his ear infections. If he has a total of 6, including the three he has had, in 4-6 months, they will seriously want to consider tubes as a treatment. I have talked to several mamas who have gone through this and they have told me that the procedure is very quick and they've had no negative side effects, but the thought of my baby going under general anesthesia just fills me with terror! We will keep our fingers crossed that these things clear up and we don't even have to consider it. In the meantime, my boy is still a happy little munchkin even in the middle of all his discomfort. This kid is something :-)

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Britty said...

Poor Eli! Ear infections are so terrible. Please do me a favor: before you get tubes put in, have him see a chiropractor. There is so much success in adjustments with ear infections. The adjustment dilates the eustacian tubes. If you want to know more, let me know. I'd hate for him to go through surgery and tubes when it could be treated so simply. :) Love u!

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