Saturday, August 14, 2010

Birthday Celebrations Continued

For his actual birthday, we went out to sushi, pretty much our favorite type of food. I think that we could go to sushi everyday and not be bored and Elijah is certainly fascinated by all of the colorful pieces of fish and definitely with the chopsticks!

Forget Sushi! This table is delicious! (Thank you whoever invented these stick on placemats!)

Dada, I'm way to cool to take pictures with you.

Very happy birthday boy.

After dinner, we headed back to the ranch where a very special dessert was waiting along with our good friends and neighbors, Sarah, Cory and their little girl Ava. Several months ago, during the Livermore Wine Festival, we walked into the Nestle Tollhouse Cafe for a cool treat. While we were in there we saw a giant chocolate chip cookie cake and Jason commented on how cool it was. A birthday treat is born! So the day of his birthday I ordered him a cookie cake of his very own.

I love seeing him so happy :-)

Good job love!

The following weekend we had a few of Jason's closest friends over to barbeque and spend some quality time. It seems so rare that we can find time for all of us to get together these days. Life gets so hectic. It was so nice to just spend some relaxing time together and enjoy spending time and watching the kids play.

I got these amazing cookie cutters from William's Sonoma.

Sky brought this over for me. How cool is that! (Even though they spelled it wrong.)

Sarah prefers to stay behind the camera :-)

Best buds forever.

Yes, I know the cake looks like it was made by a 5 year old, but it was made with love alright? :-

I think Ava was more excited by the cake than anyone.

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