Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lost in Space (or my computer - they're very similar)

As I was going through some pictures to update you guys on the last few weeks, I found these pics from the Christmas weekend.  Some of them were too cute not to share. 

Loves for Joe Gibbs

It was actually pretty funny to watch these two.  As most of you know, Joe is about 120 pounds while little E is approximately 21 pounds.  Logically, you would think that Duder might be a little intimidated by a creature so much larger than him.  Well, you would be wrong.  This kid chases after Joe and normally he runs the other direction!  It's pretty funny to see this giant dog scared of an itty bitty baby, but I guess when all the itty bitty baby wants to do is climb all over him it's slightly understandable.

Notice how half of him is hiding under my dad's chair?

He is just the sweetest.

I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but Duder's new favorite game is running down the hall and going into my parents room and shutting the door.  We all had to take turns following him :-)  Most of the time he'll run down the hall and then wait at the door until someone comes around the corner and then start shrieking and giggling as he tries to shut the door before you get him. 

Uh, oh!  The doors are already closed!

So funny

Hello R2-D2

Let me in!

Found Uncle Adam behind this door!

Taking a nap together

And he's back!
This kid refuses to wear hat.  Absolutely freaks out if you even try to put a hooded towel on him, but for some reason baskets and bowls are ok.  Go figure.

Baby Mozart

Mama, did you hear that?

Playing with Granma

Piano Man

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