Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday JT!

Our very dear friend Jason turned 30 in January and his beautiful fiancee threw him a killer party at a bar/restaurant in Walnut Creek. Of course the Duder wouldn't miss a party, so with Cory and Sarah in tow we all headed up there to help him celebrate.

Happy boy

This picture cracks me up because it looks like he's having a side conversation with someone! 

Mmmm, red velvet cupcakes!

Someone was a little nervous about red velvet cupcake getting everywhere (which it did)

Look at those cheeks!

Jason is not shy about jumping in pictures, in case you couldn't tell.


He's cool

Steven and the Duder!

Having fun at the party dude?

He set up shop at one of the bar tables.

Um, Mama, can you please back off?  You're ruining my game.

I can totally see his big boy face in the picture...When did he get so big??


The ladies of Faulkner. :-)

This is one those pictures that cracks me up personally because I always said I was not going to give my child Goldfish crackers or anything like that because there's no nutritional value and blah, blah, blah.....Guess what's in that snack cup :-)  The best laid plans by a mama-to-be.  Never say never is my new motto!  Along with, "whatever will keep him happy for the next 30 minutes!"

Smith men

Yep, that's my man :-)

The following is a photo reenactment of me trying to get a picture of Jason with his eyes open.

He finally had to open them real wide and not blink at all until the stupid camera decided to cooperate.

Soon to be Mrs. Termini. 

Someone likes being the center of attention

Birthday boy himself!! 

I seriously wasn't sure I was getting my child back.


Putting our jacket back on to head out for the evening.

One cool dude

Faulkner family.  Love these guys!

We hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration J and we are so happy we could all be there for it.  We love you so much and are so excited for the wedding this summer!!

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