Wednesday, November 24, 2010

12 Months

So I do realize that I have yet to post any of my Halloween related pictures and videos.  They are coming, I promise, but between the ear infections, ear tubes and birthday parties, we've been a little crazed to say the least.  In the meantime, I though I would post a little bit about what the Duder is doing these days.

At 12 months:
  • Weighs 20 lbs (15th % - woohoo we've jumped out of the tenth!), 30 1/4" (25th%), and his head is in the 75th percentile - he's a very smart munchkin ;-)
  • He loves bath time.  Absolutely loves it.  He plays with his little bath toys and kicks his little chubbo legs and slaps the water.  I feel like I'm having as much fun as he is!  And he loves to try to drink the water out of his cup when I try to rinse his hair!  We also recently got this Boon Flo Deflector and Spout Cover and at first he was a little unsure, but now he thinks it's hilarious to stick his head and arm under the little waterfall.
  • Is a little walker.  He started taking steps a couple of weeks ago, but all of the sudden this past Saturday he just decided that he would rather walk instead of crawl.  It's amazing to watch this evolution!  And he laughs hysterically everytime he gets from one point to another.
  • He has always been all boy (he loves being thrown up and held upside down and wrestling) and it is definitely continuing in his toy choice.  He loves playing with cars and trucks and balls.  He loves throwing the balls, especially if the dogs are there to fetch it.
  • He has 5 teeth with another one trying desperately to make it's way out of his gums.
  • He finally said mama on his birthday, but is very sparing in his use of it (little stinker!)  and we're pretty sure he's saying Ellie.
  • We have been working on sign language, but the only one he will do regularly is dog (wonder why?)
  • He had to get ear tubes put in on his birthday - yes, his actual birthday.  Not what we had imagined as a birthday gift, but in actuality, is probably a better gift than anything else we could have gotten him.  The little man has suffered horribly with ear infections over the last few months and after talking to several doctors and specialists, we realized that tubes would be his best option.
  •  Will eat anything.  Literally anything.  He still loves Cheerios, but his favorite by far is string cheese.  Anytime we bring it out he starts saying "na-na-na-na!" and jumping up and down.  There really isn't anything he won't eat though and isn't afraid to try new things.  For now, we've escaped any picky eating tendencies (knock on wood!)  He even loves vegetables!
  • Is working on the sippy cup.  He will drink a whole cup of milk, but it takes about two hours instead of the ten minutes with the bottles.
  • Has gotten into the habit of throwing something when he is done with it, whether it be his bottle, his sippy or his paci.  We're constantly on guard and have gotten very good at diving for things.
  • Refuses to wear a hat (although this has not stopped me from buying hats)  He just pulls them right off.  Not sure what we're going to do through the winter months.
  • Hates having his nose wiped.  He acts like it's the worst form of torture.
  • Absolutely loves music.  He got a guitar for his birthday and "plays" it while dancing to the beat.
  • LOVES his books. 
  • Loves being tickled and playing peek-a-boo
  • Is still not a great napper.  He is sleeping an average of 12-13 hours at night, but fights the nap everyday.
  • Still gets comments about what a happy baby he is.  People are constantly asking "Is he always this happy?"  And lucky me gets to answer YES!  He really is a mellow, good-natured little dude.
  • Is the most amazing baby I have ever met, if I do say so myself!  :-)


Sulli said...

YAY!! I needed this update!! And...I NEED to see you guys! XOXOXO

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