Saturday, July 10, 2010

1st 4th of July

4th of July is always fun in our little community. We always have a big Independence Day parade with our Mothers Club, a dog club, lots of corvettes, the little league, cheerleaders, dance groups, the firemen, etc. It's pretty impressive for such a tiny town, if I do say so myself. This year it was held on Saturday so that it didn't interfere with church on Sunday, which meant a lot to us. We walked the little man and the dogs down to Central Parkway to see the spectacle. Although I was hoping he would enjoy watching everyone, he was more interested in his own dogs. I shouldn't be surprised. He is in love these two furry, crazy creatures. After the parade, we made our way down to Central Park where they have a bouncy house, lots of food booths, live music and all kinds of fun. It was a little warm out and the dogs and the baby were a little overwhelmed so we just took a walk through the park to see and then headed home. Everyone took a little rest and then we headed up to Walnut Creek to go swimming with the B.J., Sara and little Savannah. It was so great to spend time with them and it's always so much fun seeing the cousins together. Savannah is always so fascinated by what Elijah is doing and is so incredibly sweet with him. Eli has been in the pool before, but he was a little fussy when Jason first took him in. Uncle B.J. brought out an inflatable infant sling for the pool, and although I was afraid that the little man was going to prefer being held, he absolutely loved this little bit of freedom. He floated through the pool and just kept looking around so he was so cool!

How cute are those little pruney feet??

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

On the 4th itself we had a very nice relaxing day. After church we came home and everyone took a long nap, since we had been up every couple of hours with the teether the night before. Later on we headed down to our neighbors' house for a bbq and fireworks.

The little man was in no mood to miss out on the party despite the fact that he was falling asleep on my shoulder. Every time I tried to put him down in the pack and play he woke up and let me know that he was not having any of that :-) Finally we had to send Dada down to the house to get the Baby Bjorn. On a side note - I could not survive with out the Baby Bjorn. Thank you Courtney and Kevin!

The boys set off a fantastic fireworks show in the court. I swear it's as good as any professional show!

The 4th of July is definitely one of my favorite holidays. It's so fun to spend so much time outside with friends and family. We love you all!!

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Courtney+Kevin said...

LOVE him!!! I want our boys to meet before they are grown ups! xo ps - you're welcome, we love it too :)

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