Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Big Outing

While daddy was on travel this past week, the little man and I made our first trek into San Francisco. We drove into the city and had lunch with some of my girlfriends that I used to work with at the Academy of Art. They all loved him of course :-) We then made our way over to the Marina district to visit Uncle Adam. It was a beautiful day and so we spent several hours just strolling up and down Union Street checking out the little boutiques and just enjoying our time together. Adam even put himself in charge of the stroller. He has now become an expert on many things baby :-) He is a natural with his little nephew and it's so fun to see them together. Although I will say when it came to poopy baby diapers Adam and his roommate Jesse stayed all the way on the other side of the room. Adam did offer to take it to the trash chute, but he held out a plastic as far from his body as he could :-) We will definitely be making another visit soon!

1 comment:

Sarah + Ben said...

glad you guys had fun!

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