Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On the list

So my laptop at home is being naughty and not playing nice with Blogger, so I have a few posts in the queue that have not made it up yet.  Hopefully by this weekend....

In the meantime, I thought I would throw up a quick post about one of my new favorite products.  These days, anything that makes my life easier is key so I am loving these new Goody Spin Pins. 

As you can see in some of the most recent posts, my hair has gotten quite long and I end up putting it up a lot of the time and these things are amazing!  You just twist your hair into a bun and then essentially just screw these into the bun from the top and the bottom and voila!  Usually I need about 15 bobby pins to keep my bun from slipping out.

Goody has actually come out with several "Simple Styles" tools.  I've also tried the Pony Pouf Clip, which I think would be really cute, but since my hair is so fine it didn't quite pouf enough for me.  My hair was super clean with no product in it when I tried it yesterday, so I will play with it a little more before I make a final decision for myself, but I do think it would be super cute on anyone with a little thicker hair. 

They also have the volume boost comb, which is essentially like a "Bump-it" but not quite so Snooki. I also bought this one, but haven't tried it yet, so we'll see.

It looks like they also have a "Modern Updo Maker" which was not at Target when I was on my hair accessory buying spree, but I will keep my eye out :-)

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Britty said...

Those are so cool! I can't wait to try them out. It seems like an eternity since something new came out for putting hair up. I'm excited - thanks Shi!

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