Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Ok, so I have been completely and totally remiss in updating the blog. I have no idea where the past month and a half have gone. Oh the changes we have seen! Let's start with our trip to Mesquite to visit Grandma and Grandpa. They still have not decided what they want to be called. They want Eli to call them whatever he decides to. I keep warning them that they could end up as Elmo or poopy-head, but they live on the edge. :-)

Every year Jason and Dad play in the Roadrunner Tournament - a member/guest golf tournament at Dad's club. It's a great week/weekend with lots of fun events and good family time. Mom and Dad had a great time seeing Eli, big surprise I know. He had changed so much in the few weeks since they had seen them.

The boys on the 17th green. We got to watch them from the balcony which was fun.

Excitingly for all of us, Eli had his first real giggle! (Please excuse my horrible rendition of the Bonanza theme.)

Another giggle-fest. Seriously, I would do anything for this giggle.

I love this kid.

He also sat on his own for the first time!

It was quite a trip for the little duder.

Grandpa makes the best pillow.

I swear! It was the dog!

My dad sure does love me.

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