Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

This year, the Mountain House Mother's Club hosted a member's Easter egg hunt on our court. Although it was absolutely freezing out (hello spring??) we had a great time.
Thanks Meme for the awesome Easter basket and Easter outfit!

Thanks Auntie Sarah A. for the super cute and warm hat that kept me all cuddly :-)

The eggs were split into age groups and hidden in the front yards so that all the kids had a chance to grab eggs. The dads grilled up some burgers and each family attending brought a side dish. With about 70 families there, it was quite the spread!

Elijah even picked a couple of eggs!

Where did my egg go?
Maybe down there?

No wait! I think I see it down there!

We had to bundle the Munchkin up in the Bjorn since it was so cold out.

Me, Sarah M. and Elijah

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